These screenshots are from HOM running on Windows XP, using Java 1.4.2, and a display resolution of 1280 x 1024.
  1. Main starting screen
  2. A more complex setup
  3. Fluid balance chart
  4. Teacher setup - all variables visible, not for beginners!
  5. Medical records
  6. ECG
  7. Options screen
  8. Blood gases
  9. Variable information box
  10. Observe the patient's eyes
  11. Graph setup menu
  12. Expert mode - for debugging and programming
  13. Expression parser
  14. Script editor and compiler
  15. Edit the controllers that underlie HOM's physiology

Main screen
A more complex setup
Fluid balance chart
Advanced mode
Medical records - displays current values of various sets of variables
ECG calculated from body parameters
One of the options screens
Display of current blood gases
Variable information box
Eye movements
Graph setup menu
Expert mode (not for the faint hearted!)
Expression parser
Script editor and compiler
Edit the controllers that underlie HOM's physiology