Obtaining HOM

To obtain a free copy of the current version HOM, please enter your details here. You will receive an email reply (usually within a few days) with a link to download the latest version (top of the table shown below) HOM.jar. If there are any problems with the download request system, then please send an email to us with the subject line: Download request. Please read the license.
Once you have downloaded the file, check out the tutorials on the Documentation page.

Version History

FileVersion numberSizeDateMain modifications
Hom.jar1.602,865,41512/12/2012One-click fluid administration
Hom.jar1.502,826,93607/11/2011Systems equations now viewable, using TeX
Hom.jar1.481,823,34304/05/2011Split up renal tubule segments
Improved ketosis
Hom.jar1.451,720,88507/02/2010Added ectopics and VT
Smoothed insulin secretion
Hom.jar1.441,707,43415/12/2009Reduced vasoconstrictor oscillations
Hom.jar1.431,707,43415/12/2009Web embedding & javascript support
Hom.jar1.421,715,21112/07/2009Ventricular pressures and volumes modelled
Hom.jar1.411,710,52703/08/2008Submit bug report
Hom.jar1.401,708,31922/06/2008First web version


Most operating systems come with a version Java. If yours does not, or if HOM refuses to run on your computer, you may need to download a version from Sun, version 1.4.0 (J2SE) or higher:
Manual selection


Script files, patient files, add-on modules: watch this space!


Other downloads

You can also use HOM with the Skin look and feel from L2FProd.com. This program allows you to use most GTK or KDE skins to customise the appearance of HOM. You will need to place the resulting "skinlf.jar" file on your classpath. Depending on your operating system, this may look something like
# classpath=$classpath:/usr/java/skinlf.jar or
C:\> set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;c:\java\skinlf.jar
You will then find the SkinLF options on the help/skins menu.